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Default Re: Ricky Rubio...Top 5 of the draft in 2 or 3 years?

Originally Posted by Juvenile
I think its too early to judge on Rubio yet. Depending on his development as a point guard, the improvement of his shot and body, he might, but just might not become a lottery pick. If there is no significant increase of said attributes, he will end up in the Marco Belinelli/Sergio Rodriguez/Rudy Fernandez range. Rubio might have been better than those three at an earlier age, but who knows what the next couple of years might bring.

But better be sure, NBA teams will not and have never spent lottery picks on guards, that were neither uber athletic nor fully developed offensively to the point that they could contribute right away. There is no history of picking european guards early either. To get picked in the lottery or even top 5, Rubio will have to show significant improvement in a very short timeframe.

Believe me... he is improving so, so quick. He is playing amazing in ACB, and he's only in his early 17.

Look at this:

Click: "Ricky Rubio: Un partido de ensueño".

so you can see how is he playing now.
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