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Default Re: How many of you think the Nets won't make the playoffs this season?

Originally Posted by Dr. Cheesesteak
Nets don't look terrible. Kenny Atkinson is known as a player developer, but can he actually coach? Sincere question.

I think they're a 4th tier team. A team capable of sneaking in the playoffs, but not expected to make it.

Kenny Atkinson can coach and surprisingly the team was fun to watch. We were #1 in possessions per game and #11th in points which is incredible considering that we only had 1.5 real scorers on the team in Brook Lopez and Sean Kilpatrick. His offense really produces a lot of shots, we just don't have anyone to make them.

Jeremy Lin was hurt pretty much for the entire season and we were like a .400 ball club with him while we went on a stretch of 1-25 when he didn't play at one point. He along with the East imploding could be the keys to us being a potential playoff sneak-in, but losing Brook will be tough as we don't know if we'll still have the same ability to stretch the floor and someone to give the ball to get 2 points when we need it.

It's far from a shoe-in but I wouldn't be surprised if we made some noise by season's end.
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