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Default Re: How many of you think the Nets won't make the playoffs this season?

I'm not predicting playoffs, but I would not be surprised either. Kenny and Marks are really leagues above just about any other HC/GM duo out east, including maybe even Stevens/Ainge. Time will tell, but Marks has made zero mistakes in his year-plus with the Nets.

Atkinson can absolutely coach. The players all respect him, trading Lopez is addition by subtraction even if Russell busts, we've drafted high-upside guys and they're in great hands. I've been a diehard Nets fan my entire life and this is the most confident I've ever been in our front office, and I love every move we've made.

Like Ainge, our FO seems happy to angle for the post-Bron era, and I couldn't be happier about that. Trying to beat him is a fool's errand without an historic superteam.
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