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Default Re: 8th Annual ISH Money League

Originally Posted by GP_20
I think 2 QB leagues are silly. I get that it makes QBs more valuable...but there is an easier way to do that. Just make the QBs points worth more. At the very least, make their TDs 6 points as well just like the RBs/WRs. But do more as well.

It makes sense, QBs are worth more in real life, so they should also be in fantasy. More and more leagues are starting to follow this trend. At least in the 100k league I won last year played it this way. It made it so drafting QB in 1st round was not a shocker. A few go 1st round every year in fact. Often 1st pick.

Making QB points worth more would add some value to the position simply by inflating their stats...outside of the few top ones, the position becomes insignificant again. In a system that allows you to run 2 QBs, nearly all starting QBs become valuable...adding a positional scarcity element to it, something inflating their stats doesn't. Decisions on QB lineups/matchups/trades/waivers take on greater significance, which gives real value to the position.
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