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Default Re: Anyone else here playing Zelda BOTW?

I'm sure it's just recency bias, but I can't think of a game with a more mundane, anticlimactic ending than BOTW. I accidentally beat the game while trying simply trying to farm guardian parts in the castle. I wasn't looking at the map, just walking around the grounds and castle, and just stumbled into the room where the Ganon battle starts. Not only that, I beat him without even having to stock up on potions, elixirs, or ancient weapons.

And then to add insult to injury, I knew that there were multiple endings based on whether or not you unlock all of the memories previously. I unlocked all of them before the final battle, so I knew I was getting the best ending. What I got was so bad, I had to go online afterwards to confirm that I got the "best" one. I get that the series traditionally focuses more on the trip rather than the destination, but this was so underwhelming that I couldn't help but be disappointed. Hopefully the DLC adds enough value to flesh out the ending a bit more.

I bitched about the game at first, but it really grew on me. While I feel the expaniveness of the map is a tad bit overrated, it was a gorgeous environment, with enough diversity to make it seem larger than it was. Exploring it once you've increased your hardiness is a real treat.
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