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Default Re: Is Derek Carr in the top 3 in the NFL in terms of arm talent?

Originally Posted by Nanners
also based on what I found with 5 minutes of googling it seems like Brady and Alex Smith have the two "fastest releases" in the NFL. Brady I can understand, but when I think "arm talent" I dont think of Alex Smith lol

Well, Alex Smith is also known to have mediocre arm strength when you compare him to other QBs in the league. Carr's arm strength is looked as a major plus in his game.

Originally Posted by ShawkFactory
Derek Carr has a nice arm and is definitely in the top 5-6 or so, but he can't throw lasers the way a few other guys can with such little effort.

Look at the 3rd video I posted, that is an absolute laser. I watched every Raider game last season, I can't think of many QBs who has Carr's velocity.
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