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Default Re: Is Derek Carr in the top 3 in the NFL in terms of arm talent?

Originally Posted by 1987_Lakers
Well, Alex Smith is also known to have mediocre arm strength when you compare him to other QBs in the league. Carr's arm strength is looked as a major plus in his game.

Well I am certainly not trying to say that Smith has a good arm, I am just saying that it seems like release time might not be a good way to measure arm talent.

Anyway I pretty much agree with everything you have said in this thread. While I might rank Luck and Stafford ahead of Carr right now, Carr could easily pass them if he takes another step forward next year. For the record, after my local(ish) Seahawks, the Raiders might be my next favorite team in the league (especially now that they have one of my absolute all time favorite players in Marshawn).... so I am certainly no Carr hater. I want nothing but the best for that team.
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