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Default Re: Joe Montana or Tom Brady? Who ya got?

Originally Posted by JBSptfn
As for me, I would have neither for GOAT (even though I think that Montana was better).

When these guys started out, neither had a lot of pressure to be the guy to lead a franchise out of the doldrums. Montana was a third-round pick, and Brady was a sixth-rounder.

Now, Walsh eventually expected Joe to start, but nobody thought that he would be the savior. And, while Brady may have become the starter by 2002, there is no guarantee that his career is the same without the 2001 perfect storm.

Both these guys have their GOAT legacies built on SB titles, but those are more of a reflection of the team than the QB. In my opinion, they were players that went to the right team at the right time, and they fit in well with what the coach (Walsh, Belichick) wanted out of their QB. However, in a vacuum, they aren't as good as an Elway, Marino, Peyton, or Unitas. Heck, I don't even think that Brady is as good as the 1994 version of Bledsoe.
you are on some good shit. Should we talk about all the stat records and passing records Brady has? The fact is Brady has Peyton's stats as well as the rings and haters hate that.
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