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Default Re: Is Derek Carr in the top 3 in the NFL in terms of arm talent?

Originally Posted by Carbine

Carr could go out and sling 25 picks and have a 75 rating and It wouldn't change anything about "arm talent"
Cam Newton has tremendous arm talent but he's an average passing QB. His arm talent didn't go up and down by virtue of his MVP season and hissub par season last year.

Stafford, Flacco, Cam and Rodgers are superior to Carr in arm talent.

Healthy Luck (we'll see this year) would rank at the bottom of that elite tier above. Carr fits in next to Luck.

Can't really argue those 4, all of them have insane arms. Top 5 for Carr is still impressive though.

You guys are overrating Luck a bit, very good arm, but not on the level of Carr's arm or even Russell Wilson's arm.
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