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Default Re: 2017-18 ISH World Soccer Discussion

Originally Posted by ArbitraryWater
that is good. 4 yrs for neymar overall.

1 cl and 1 liga in 3 yrs is meh though.

no i cant. that wouldnt be fair so why would I? neymar n suarez didnt exist yet then.

y'all better make a move now or the #2 spot is destined. some barca fans think they will be better now lol.
1 cl and 2 ligas not 1 in the MSN era.. and no thats not meh lol.. just because you are used to it now it doesnt mean its meh.. Real went long periods without winning la liga or the CL.. you probably dont even remember all those early knockout stage exits to lyon..

yeah barca fans are idiots.. old news.. they will realize how much we miss neymar during the next season.. even if we get someone like dembele or dybala still wont be enough.. no winger is close to his level in the world..

just hoping we dont get coutinho.. he has 1 good game in 10.. not barca material..

looks like we are getting inigo martinez for 40mil.. thats a good buy.. we need a big time neymar replacement, a big time mid player and possibly another mid player if we get rid of some of the deadwood (rafinha, arda)

mbappe would have been my first choice if he wasnt a CR d!ckrider
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