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Default Re: Nanners is coming for Primes spot on my most hated list.

Originally Posted by ~primetime~
Where does Bless rank on your list Carbine? He has the worst NFL opinions, but he loves you, so it must be very conflicting for you.

I have a propensity for calling out horrible NFL opinions (it's why over my 10 years here 90 percent of my arguments involve you) regardless of who it is or if I like them or not.

I can't remember getting into it with Bless. Maybe once, but I can't remember details so couldn't have been that major. It may come as a surprise to many but I respect what Bless has to say about football.

Nanners reminds me of a Marlo Stanfield but Nanners has much less testosterone. Nanners has many bitch like tendencies that Marlo did not have.

1a. Prime
1b. Nanners

Everyone else is cool.
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