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Default Re: Nanners is coming for Primes spot on my most hated list.

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, today I am going to prove to you all that Carbine is an idiot. I present exhibit A - Trent Richardson traded to Colts for 1st round draft pick..

Originally Posted by Carbine
This move was as much about now as it was for the future - he's 22 years old?

Trent isn't a questionable talent either - he was drafted third overall and was billed as the best RB to come out since AP.

Go watch his college tape, he's not an ordinary player.

Question the RB value? Fine....but to say he's a questionable talent?

Ray Lewis on Countdown right now "and now they got this young running back, Trent Richardson, who I think is one of the biggest steals in the NFL"

Ray Lewis doesn't go around saying things like that about 22 year old players often on other teams.

Originally Posted by Carbine
It's pointless to debate the subject any further. To almost everyone Trent sucks because he's averaging 3.5 yards a carry for his 1 and 1/2 year career....and the fumble is fresh in everyones mind.

We'll see how it turns out. I believe in him as a quality player who will contribute to the team for 5+ years. Most if not all of you think he's terrible.

I just think it's foolish to label someone a bust after 1 and 1/2 years over a 3.5 yard per carry average. Marshall Faulk averaged 3.75 yards per carry his last four years with us then it went up to 5.5 with STL - Marshall was always Marshall, but the yards per carry suggest otherwise.

Originally Posted by Carbine
Trent has forced more missed tackles per touch than anyone in football that has a qualified amount of touches, I believe. He averages the highest percentage of his yards after contact as anyone in the NFL also.

You can hate on him all you want for now, but their will be a day when his production improves....and he will be the same player as he's always been - Just the people around him improve enabling him to have a chance instead of fending off tacklers in the backfield so often.

That's all I'll say.

Ray Rice didn't go from an elite RB to a scrub in a span of 8 months. People around him have been struggling and he's getting hit in the back field a bunch this year, way way more than previous years. He hasn't been as "spry" as years past but he's nowhere near a scrub now.

Originally Posted by Carbine
Let the record show I believed in Trent when few did.

Originally Posted by Carbine
Their are millions of people smarter than me about football. Just happens that none of them reside on this board.

Thats only just scratching the surface of all the hilarious shit in that thread.

I cant help but ask myself which one of the following is more embarassing - Dying on a hill named Trent Richardson, or being an adult who doesnt know how to properly use "their, there, and they're"

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