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Default Re: Nanners is coming for Primes spot on my most hated list.

Originally Posted by Carbine
I'm actually ashamed for you right now. It's really petty to be "that guy" who corrects grammar.

It might have been funny 5 years ago but it's really a bad look now. This isn't English class, these posts aren't being passes in to be graded for spelling and grammar.

The guy who is the personification of smug and condescending thinks that its "petty" to correct grammar

Bitch please, we all know that if you had a clue about grammar you would be correcting everyone else. After all, theres nothing you love more than looking down your nose at someone else.

You know whats a bad look? Not knowing the difference between "their, there and they're" when you are supposedly an adult. You wanna be ashamed about something, that shit is genuinely embarrassing. Its not like this is advanced english or anything, this shit is extremely basic.... any middle schooler should know how to use those 3 words.

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