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Default Re: 2017 NFL Preseason Thread

Originally Posted by ~primetime~
Bucs released Roberto Aguayo, the kicker they drafted in the 2nd round

Bless was on some 'kickers are soooo important' shit when that happened

I was rooting for the kid, but when this dude misses 2 Kicks in a pre season game, after the team gave him a second chance..

I mean, it's a ****ing preseason game, no ****ing pressure at all, and you are out there still missing? GTFO..

Hopefully Nick Folk can take the reigns now, good luck to Aguayo wherever he ends up, it's a mentally thing, you don't go on being the most accurate kicker in NCAA history to being cut on Game 1 of the Preseason just like that.. there seems to be more to this that we don't know, hopefully we can just take this to sleep and not to worry a ****ing kicker...

Winston looked sharp BTW, Mike Evans in season mode already
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