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Default Re: 2017 NFL Preseason Thread

Originally Posted by CelticBaller
weak arm? You realize Bortles has a cannon for an arm compared to Bridgewaters right? He also has a quicker release and is stronger

The only problem for him was always his decision making. Coming out of college you get a strong, big QB with few weakness? You take him easily at #3rd

Only in hindsight it was a bad pick, at the time people really thought he was the best prospect next to Bridgewater

Look at the clip I just posted, Bridgewater's arm is much better, more velocity on his throws. Bortles has a strong arm, but his passes lack crisp and velocity.

And I haven't even mentioned Bortles' horrible mechanics, just look at his throwing motion, it's awful. Just look at it. And his release his far from quick, he has been criticized in the past for having a slow release. Carr for example has a MUCH quicker release.

Bortles was drafted off potential, he had alot of weaknesses in his game, but alot of people thought that would be fixed in the NFL which hasn't been the case.

I remember the 2014 draft well, I had Bortles as the 3rd best QB behind Bridgewater & Carr and I didn't understand all the hype he was getting.

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