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Default Re: 2017 NFL Preseason Thread

Originally Posted by CelticBaller
Then why you ask why he was picked #3rd? at the time it was between him and Bridgewaters and like I sad people didn't believe Teddy could even grip a footballs

Its like Asking why David Carr went #1, only in hindsight it looks like a bad pick

Like I said, he was drafted off potential, a classic boom or bust player. Bortles was seen as project by most scouts and some thought his flaws would be fixed in the NFL overtime. If you look at the college tape Carr & Bridgewater were much better QBs than Bortles.

BTW David Carr was drafted to a team in a horrible situation, played with the worst offensive line in NFL history, Blake Bortles on the other hand has all the talent around him and he is still failing.
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