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Default Re: Big career moves ahead...

Originally Posted by BigNBAfan
I'm not a MD but a dual PhD AuD. I dont need much more than 125k business loan.

I am doing contract service for balance patients for ENTs. the ENT uses me as a contractor to do the diagnosis, his/her hospital bills my CPT codes with medicare a entity, they rake in 20% of reimbursement, i take in 80%.

Their clinic also gets to do a secondary office visit to go over my results.

Per patient i bill out 2100 in work, I get back close to 1400 and the ENT office keeps 280 of that plus another office visit worth of billing.

I estimate i can do roughly 80 patients per month as my appointments are roughly two hours of testing. Equates to quite a bit of revenue for ENTs to get paid for testing they would otherwise refer elsewhere for. Now they can even go to their hospital for money to give me as we are now a "total care" facility offering my expertise to their patients.

80,000/month minus costs, writeoffs etc will prob amount to 55k net monthly outside of my salary.
You get 55K a month to yourself? Props man, I hope it all works out well for you!
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