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Default Re: 2017 Off Season Thread

Originally Posted by ~primetime~
I see others pointing out that Raider's CB Gareon Conley just had rape charges dropped and there is no NFL investigation.

This is exactly what happened to the NFL should have their men on this right?
If your argument is this should be investigated too then so should Zeke.

How does one argue what should and shouldn't be investigated? The league has it written down what it does and does not. If you don't like it, that's ok but it's still written down, in their contract.

I also think the example if your company would or would not fire you is false because Zeke is like a company spokesperson, all players are. So you're always on company time. If you are a spokesperson for Guess Jeans, and they see you ripping off a woman's shirt, you'd get in trouble.

He's not a back office accountant who when something comes out no one associates with the company. It's a better example to say if you were on a business trip and pictures came out that you hit some woman. Would you be fired then? I would.

We spend far too much time in life defending vile people who do things that if it was to our neighbor, or even a stranger we knew at work, etc. that we'd give no benefit to. And because of a game that we don't play and we don't get paid for playing.

Zeke's just a shitty human. That doesn't mean you shouldn't want him to do well when he returns. I would. Stop rationalizing him beating up a woman. If you read the report, it seems like the woman is nuts, and reacted nuts, and he beat her up. Zeke's saving grace her is he's on the team you root for and he's talented as all ****. That's not a good reason to defend him.
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