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Default New NFL Team Shirts Designed by Moi


I am designing some really badass t-shirts for every NFL team that incorporate the history and city of each squad.

I would first like to let y'all know so that you can buy one when they're all printed up and I master the transfer for each.

Second, I wanted to get some input from some good loyal football fans.

What player HAS to be featured on a legacy shirt of your favorite team?

(I already have this portion covered fah sure but still welcome your thoughts and desires)

What aspect or iconography of your team city should be included somehow on your team's shirt?

Ex. Team History, city nicknames, associated state or city birds, flowers, symbols, whatever..

I value the minds here and would love your potential thoughts/ideas to incorporate.

So far, I have hand drawn, original personalized shirt designs for:


this is the beginning of my line of shirts but rest assured, I hope to have all 32 clubs finished before the season is halfway finished.

IT takes a while to hand draw my designs and I did not go to school for art.


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