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Default Re: New NFL Team Shirts Designed by Moi

Originally Posted by ROCSteady
Dude, they are very unique, I'm really excited about gettig some to the fans.

I talked to Clinton Portis and I'm going to send him a Skins one. I told him it was a gift of appreciation for the physical, mental punishment an NFL RB makes. Told him if he likes it, to share with his Insta followers.

I'm going to consult with an IP lawyer most likely if they gain the steam I feel they will but the NFL doesn't have much grounds.

I'm using the city name on all except the Redskins (I can use all their fonts and logos still I believe because the trademark was rejected a couple years back and I'm not sure if it's reinstated.

No licensed photos, no full player names (most of the last names are common ayway, Jones, Sanders, Brown, Taylor, etc.

Even if the NFL wanted to send cease and desist letters to me, I'm not in violation of any trademark or licensed imagery that I am aware of.

What's your team?

Well im no expert in IP law, but I am under the impression that any kind of likeness or imagery intended to depict a NFL player or team is protected (except perhaps with the redskins as you noted). Also, the NFL is a multi-billion dollar organization with a dedicated legal team, and organizations like this usually have no problem flexing their muscles and bullying the little guy regardless of whether they actually have a case or not. While you might technically be in the clear, if they actually brought a lawsuit and you wanted to fight it you would be on the hook for at least 5 figures worth of legal fees (probably more), regardless of whether you win or lose.

Anyway my team is the seahawks, but I would be interested in other teams too if they look cool
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