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Default Re: Christian McCaffrey is WHITE and ATHLETIC!

Originally Posted by UK2K
Falcons also lost their O-coordinator, who was the most important piece of that entire team.

Bucs are fun, and should compete, but they haven't won 10 games in six years, and even at 9-7 last year, they were STILL outscored by their opponents. The Lions were 9-7 too, and they also were outscored by their opponents. The Texans (my team) were also 9-7 and were outscored, but they had an elite defense that kept them in games. The Bucs and Lions, don't.

The Panthers should win that division every year, just like the Texans should (and have) won their turd division every year.
you made a dumb statement, don't double down on it

the nfc south is absolutely one of the best divisions in football right now
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