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Default Re: Fantasy Team Grades and Advice

Originally Posted by RedBlackAttack
It is just amazing to me that Forte is about to be cut. Yes, he is 31 which is an old for the position. Sure, injuries have been mounting over the years and the Jets have younger, higher ceiling guys in their stable.

But the guy can still play at a high level when he is healthy. He has averaged around 4 ypc his last two years and is still formidible as a pass-catching H-back.

He isn't a workhorse anymore and I'm sure this is all about cost-cutting (much like Joe Haden earlier today) ... but it is hard to believe that he doesn't make the Jets better.

SMH. The NFL is just brutal. That's why I will never blame a guy for following the paychecks, loyalty be damned. As soon as a veteran player's bottom line even approaches the assett-to-cost threshold, he is as good as gone. A guy doesn't even have to be washed up anymore... just a little regression and >30yo.

Forte could easily be a DeAngelo Williams guy that kills it as a backup or spot starter. If I were the Giants, I'd sign him as soon as he gets cut. I could also see him as the perfect NE late career RB that they get for cheap.
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