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Default Re: Fantasy Team Grades and Advice

Originally Posted by ~primetime~
Avy bet that he isn't top-24 (an RB2) this year?

Its entirely possible he gets injured. Its entirely possible Tom Brady goes down week 1.

I was just more referencing your statement that he's terrible... On the field, maybe. In fantasy, however, (well, in PPR leagues anyway), he was an elite player over the entire second half of the season.

I had a dude try to bet me $100 that Cooks would outscore Dez this season. I then suggested that each player must play at least 13 games, and I'd agree to it, he backed out.

Injuries are just part of football. Everyone gets injured at one point or another.

But Powell, when healthy, can absolutely be an elite option in PPR formats. ESPECIALLY given his ADP. I just know that, although he hasn't missed a ton of games, it always seems like he has nagging injuries.
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