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Default Re: So...Roger Goodell withheld evidence from Roger Goodell (Elliot abuse case)

Originally Posted by ~primetime~
That investigator who talked to the victim was also the LEAD investigator assigned to this. How in the hell was she not heard??? Amazing.

Suspension should be wiped clean.

NFL should just defer to the courts and not try to be their own court system. Even in the rare event of an OJ situation the teams can still cut players themselves.

Yeah, it sucks that awful people (not saying Zeke necessarily, haven't followed the case) get to rake in millions, but that's America, baby. It's a societal problem and the NFL hasn't done anyone any favors trying to fix it, including themselves. Dole out fines if you must but preferably focus on trying to educate players instead of this kangaroo court shit.
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