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Default Re: New NFL Team Shirts Designed by Moi

Originally Posted by UK2K
We have 1100 stores across North America.

We have our own printing shop as well. About 600,000 sq ft of it.

I'm generally curious to see your designs.

I'm a Texans fan. One with JJ would be cool. Being here in Indy, though, if you are going to send me something I can present, you're probably better off making something Colts or Giants/Patriots/Cowboys/Seahawks (the money maker teams).

And $$ talks.

Who exactly, is we? Your company? Your family's company? Your fiance's family's company? Just looking for specifics, I'm genuinely curious.

I have a nasty Giants design and those others you mentioned are coming along.

I had to focus on the NFC east, PIT BAL etc due to where our shop is and where
we live.

I'll send you a Texans mock up when I do that one. Haven't even started it but maybe I will due to all the shit they've been dealing with

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