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Default Re: Fantasy Team Grades and Advice

10 team league

QB - D. Carr
RB - D. Johnson
RB - L. Fournette
WR - T.Y. Hilton
WR - T. Pryor
RB/WR - I. Crowell
TE - J. Doyle
D/S - Panthers
K - C. Santos
WR - A. Robinson
RB - M. Inrgram
WR - J. Crowder
RB - L. Blount
WR - D. Adams
QB - C. Wentz

Trying to shop Blount for a #1 WR, some of the teams in my league are thin at RB, hopefully they become aware of it, become suckers, see how Blount had 18 TDs last season and they give in and deliver me a top notch WR, lol.
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