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Default 2017 Survival Pool

This was a fun thing we did last year - bringing it back to see if someone can repeat nanners success. Link to last years thread


Super simple but fun game. All you have to do is pick ONE team who will win a football game this week. The catch is, you can't pick the same team more than once.

Once you make your pick, please don't edit the post after game time starts or your pick will be disregarded. Bucs @ Dolphins can no longer be selected as it has been moved to Week 11

Week One

Chiefs @ Patriots

Jets @ Bills
Steelers @ Browns
Bucs @ Dolphins
Raiders @ Titans
Eagles @ Redskins
Jags @ Texans
Cardinals @ Lions
Falcons @ Bears
Ravens @ Bengals
Panthers @ 49ers
Colts @ Rams
Seahawks @ Packers
Giants @ Cowboys

Saints @ Vikings
Chargers @ Broncos

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