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Default Re: So...Roger Goodell withheld evidence from Roger Goodell (Elliot abuse case)

i read through some of the transcripts. He's guilty IMO. Visible signs of injury that correspond with the victim's story? Looks like Zeke's camp is all about a clearly contrived text from the victim's friend.

I've seen cases with less evidence get charged criminally. F*ck that woman beater.

But because it's the evil NFL everyone wants to take the side of the player without looking at the facts.

Where there's smoke there's fire.

EDIT: Zeke ****ing admits to being with the girl at the same time and place, having heating arguments, etc., just says nothing physical happened.

So we got a guy, same time, same place, admits to heated arguments, we got evidence of injury, etc., but ZEKE IS ****ING INNOCENT IT'S A CONSPIRACY TO SHUT DOWN THE HOTTEST STAR ON THE MOST POPULAR TEAM... Get out the tinfoil hats boys.

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