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Default Re: Ray Lewis: Kap's girlfriend had Ravens uneasy

Originally Posted by Real Men Wear Green
If she posted that while the Ravens were considering signing Kaepernick that would be extremely bad timing. Kaepernick should be in the NFL but his girl should know better than to insult the owner of the one and maybe even only team willing to consider signing him.

didnt sound like her tweet was a particularly big deal at the time, nor should it have been.

I dont think that any sane team (and the ravens seem pretty sane) would turn down a good backup QB just because the players GF made fun of the owner. Brent Grimes still has a job and his woman is a fucking nightmare on twitter.

I am guessing the real reason the Ravens didnt sign Kap is because they are only 1hr from the capitol, and people who "disrespect" the flag arent are NOT looked upon kindly out there.
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