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Default Re: Ray Lewis: Kap's girlfriend had Ravens uneasy

Originally Posted by Real Men Wear Green
The main reason Kaepernick wasn't signed by the Ravens is the same regardless of the team, I don't deny that the anthem protest and people's feelings about it are his biggest problem. But you can't convince me that Biscotti being hit with that kind of insult by Kaep's girlfriend didn't hurt his cause. He can be offended just like anyone else. Plus why would Lewis make this story up?

Why wouldnt Ray and the Ravens make this story up? By blaming the decision to pass on Kaps GF, the franchise can conveniently ignore Kaps protest.

Just read the OP quote from Ray and ask yourself if it makes any sense

"We [Lewis and Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti] were talking about giving this kid an opportunity to get back in the NFL," Lewis said. "I have been fighting for this kid behind the table like nobody has. ... I've never been against Colin Kaepernick. But I am against the way he’s done it."

So according to Lewis, him and Bisciotti were supposedly talking about giving Kap an opportunity, and Ray has been fighting for him ("behind the table" lol) like nobody has... even though he is supposedly against Kaps protest... does that statement make any sense? Why is Bisciotti consulting with Ray Lewis on potential backup QBs? Why is Ray fighting for Kap to get an opportunity, despite being opposed to his protest? Why didnt this story come out a month ago when the offending tweet was created, rather than right now?
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