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Default Re: Fantasy Team Grades and Advice

Originally Posted by ~primetime~
Okay so if he is no longer the starter or is cut sometime mid season the bet is off?

How about if he is out with injury for more than 4 games bet is off? Must be injury and injury only.

I personally don't think he'll be the starter by week 8 or so...and that shouldn't cancel the bet.

Honestly the bet should just be he either is a RB2 or he isn't


As long as he is on the roster (if he gets cut, that's just my bad judgement and I lose) and not listed as 'out' in more than 4 games through week 16, the bet is on. Injury and injury only. If his dog dies and he misses a game, that's not an injury.

If Powell is listed as active for 12 games or more, he will be an RB2.
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