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Default Week 1 Discussion Thread

A lot of exciting games this week, not my Bucs though, I have to wait another ****ing week and see them play 16 straight weeks, a lot of ups and downs on this situation, but oh well, at least we will have some tape on the Bears and they won't have anything on the Bucs..

Here's the full schedule on week one:

Kansas City at New England
N.Y. Jets at Buffalo
Atlanta at Chicago
Baltimore at Cincinnati
Pittsburgh at Cleveland
Arizona at Detroit
Jacksonville at Houston
Oakland at Tennessee
Philadelphia at Washington
Indianapolis at L.A. Rams
Seattle at Green Bay
Carolina at San Francisco
N.Y. Giants at Dallas
New Orleans at Minnesota
L.A. Chargers at Denver

I'll do NFL Replay for the 10:00 AM games and watch the whole GB vs Seattle, looks to be exciting!

Football is here folks (Not my Bucs though ) !!!
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