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Default Re: Big career moves ahead...

What a crazy week... got here to the coast last Friday and started to get the clinic ready while keeping an eye on the hurricane. Now that has passed some of my equipment that was suppose to be delivered is being delayed due to Harvey.

I have patients lined up on Monday (4 to be exact) but luckily a lot of them are electrophysiological tests.

So far the town has been great, very small, temperature has been in the upper 70s lower 80s. Found a private dock I can watch the sunset and have LTE service - which is spotty here.

Bought a cheap lifted truck for emergencies only, not going to bother insuring it as the only time it will be on public roads will be in emergency situations.

Oh... and how could i forget, i proposed last Monday on a helicopter... so I am now engaged to a beautiful girl who makes me happy. Dropped her off at the airport yesterday which is a pretty long hike to and from.

More later...
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