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Default Happy First NFL Sunday Eve

Here's some thoughts on the division of football I tend to watch the most:

AFC West

1.Kansas City Chiefs – Can a team who’s biggest offensive threat is a tight end win a Super Bowl? Next question, can a team with nothing more than a game manager at QB win a Super Bowl. Ladies and gentleman of the court, the first statement describes the defending champions and the second statement describes the previous champions. Am I calling a Chiefs Super Bowl appearance? Hell no but they are winning the division. The Patrick Mahomes fan club will have to wait another year.

2.Las Vegas…errr…Oakland Raiders – “Carr again showed patience and poise in the pocket, even if he seemed to use flips of his wrist more than his legs when throwing the ball downfield.” That’s the ESPN quote about the QB recovering from a broken leg. This should worry you. It should also worry you that your featured back Marshawn Lynch is coming back from a one year retirement. The Raiders are a fun to team to watch cause they have to outscore teams to win (nice way of saying their defense is middle-of-the-pack at best) but it may take a few weeks before the fun starts.

3.Denver Broncos – Remember when the Broncos won the Super Bowl despite their worn-out version of Peyton Manning being at QB? Probably safe to assume that John Elway called him this off-season to come back and be their starter – hey, they brought back Brock Osweiler after a historically bad year away from Mile High. New coach Vance Joseph has former offensive coordinators Mike McCoy, Bill Musgrave, Geep Chryst and Jeff Davidson all on his sideline trying to give Von Miller and company on the defensive side some help.

4.San Diego…errr…Los Angeles Chargers – A revamped offensive line and return of number one target Keenan Allen should pave the way for QB Philip Rivers to throw for a 5th straight season of over 4,200 yards. The added protection in the pocket should also reduce the amount of interceptions thrown by Mr. Rivers. The Chargers will finish 8-8 tied for the cellar in the West.
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