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Default Re: Been gaining weight since I turned 25

Originally Posted by Meticode
Diet is most important. Even if you just walk 30 minutes a day that can do wonders with the right, healthy eating habits. Working out is a smaller portion of losing weight.
This. You need discipline more than anything OP. Also when you start, don't look at your fcking weight every few days lol..

Download MyFitnessPal app, it's free. Input your weight, height and the info it'll ask. Then consistently start inputting all the shit you eat every day. It will tell when you're over in sugar, calories, etc letting you to stop.. This is what I'd recommend early on

- jog 1-2 days a week, raise it to 2-3 after 6-9 months
- download MyFitnessPal app immediately and follow above instructions
- If you drink a lot, you get 1 day a week for it from now on
- Also mcds, bk, fast food like that. Once a week. Max. No more. On top of that, cut things like drinking Pepsi or other sugary drinks. 1 every 2/3 days.
- if you have extra time, hit the gym for 2 days a week

After 3 months, I guarantee you will start seeing some good results. Have discipline and patience, and you will be fine. Just don't slack off. Just remember that you can either feel bad about yourself while making excuses or lock in and get it done.
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