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Default Re: Why do guys get married so young and not play the game.

Originally Posted by SunsN07BookIt
You've mentioned option A, and option B. You failed to mention option C - completely alone, your current situation. Even Stalker has a more fulfilling life than you. That's the reason you are so easily agitated and miserable.

i have no idea what you are talking about. obviously if you are in option C then you have to reach for option B. But if you are in option A why you would unnecessarily downgrade to option b too early. obviously at somepoint you have to down grade, but why do it so soon is my point? why is the first option actually the second option to these dudes like yourself? I know you dont have much going on in your life. nothing to work towards besides basic existence, thats why you settle. clutch on to that women for an existence. you should find happiness in your intelligence, talents, skills and future prospects, not a home life that one has started a decade too soon.

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