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Default Re: Why do guys get married so young and not play the game.

One of my friends has been with the same girl since high school, they are getting married in a few months but I feel terrible for him. The girl he's with is a psycho who is rude to everyone, she is now a cop which will make her attitude even worse, she makes all the decisions in the relationship since she makes more money than him and has a more dominant personality.

Everyone around him sees how bitchy/rude she is to everyone including to him, but he tries so hard to convince people she's a cool person, lol. One of my other friends is currently not talking to him because he bailed on his birthday party after insisting he would be there, turns out his girl wouldn't let him go.

Nothing wrong with getting married when you're young, as long as you're with the absolute best person for you, but that is pretty rare, especially when you're in your 20's when people are still figuring out who they are and maturity still might be an issue.

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