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Originally Posted by tpols
Because savage got sacked literally 10 times last week before getting benched. Bill obrian won't take any risks offensively because his defense can always keep it close and hed rather try eeking out wins. If he had any balls creativity anything hed start taking shots downfield or running something other than up the gut,up the gut incompletion to soften the defense but that will NEVER happen.

Savage got sacked 6 times, Watson was sacked 4 times. Jacksonville's defense is just nasty, by far the most underrated in the league.

You can't really blame the coaching for not taking any risks offensively, if I had those crappy QBs I wouldn't take any chances either.

From what I've seen so far from the preseason to present is that Watson is terrible, obviously not ready yet for the moment, kind of cruel to just throw him in the fire like that.
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