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Default Re: Why do guys get married so young and not play the game.

Originally Posted by Bimbo Coles
Heed these words: Marry young... or don't marry at all. You want to marry when you both don't have a clue what you're doing. You learn together and support each other. What's the point of marrying at 30+? How old is she going to be, 30? 20? What does a 30 year old have in common with a 20 year old (I'll allow a 5 year age difference)? You're already bitter and jaded. You've firmly formed an opinion of how things work. Drop your nuts and go it alone. You will get old. You will die, just like everyone else. None of this will keep that from happening. And there's girls at bars and online and high class escorts to satisfy your animal urges. There's also porn and imagination

We men folk could ideally live isolated in the woods. You touch nothing, and nothing touches you. It's different for women. The feminists will disagree, but we're biologically designed differently. They need emotion and comfort, and they're physically weaker. You can't take a stroll in the AM if you're a woman - it's little things like this that a male-dominated society doesn't understand. A woman should seek to be married; the younger the better. A man should seek marriage when young, but avoid it at all costs once they've fallen through the cracks (if you seek to marry for financial reasons, I'll permit it). Consider it a blessing. You've found the flaw in the system. Don't worry, the human species will be just fine. Your neighbour will compensate for your lack of output in the offspring department. The locusts will thrive.

What age do You think is when there's no turning back for men? After 34?
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