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Default Re: Why do guys get married so young and not play the game.

Originally Posted by nathanjizzle
What age do You think is when there's no turning back for men? After 34?
No, you can always turn back, but why would you want to? If you have younger siblings, they may have already gotten married. There's something comfortable in doing things in a certain order. Your friends, married. In exceptional circumstances, sure, go for it. But the rush is over (oddly, most people start rushing at 30+). If you marry young, most likely you'd be working on your relationship with your significant other daily... or you're sick and tired of all their previously charming idiosyncrasies. It puts you in the same position as an unhitched gentleman - with baggage. Put simply: if you're comfortable alone, ignore society... you've won the lotto. If you're not comfortable alone, reassess your life and find some passions. If you still must be married, do it. Deep down you know what's right for you... never be swayed by external pressures.
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