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Default Re: A country with population of barely 2 million just beat Spain in SemiFinals by 20

Originally Posted by BarberSchool
Doncic will be an elite NBA point guard. If he keeps growing (which most germanic/nordic haplotypes do until 21-23), he might be the next oversized point guard superstar. Hard to believe he is this incredibly able to read defenses and make perfect decisions almost everytime at 18.

He's done growing, 6-8 in shoes.

He reminds of Bodiroga (in inch smaller, way better shooter), his game is perfect for FIBA ball, but lacks athleticism for being a star in the NBA.

But everything else is there, the shooting, passing and rebounding, insane IQ and leadership, not just for a 18-year old.

The guy's a monster in his head, a coach's dream and leader of men.

His ceiling is questionable due to lack of athleticism (still good though) and position, not a true PG, SG or SF, but rather jack of all trades.

Would draft him in a heartbeat though.
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