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Default Re: A country with population of barely 2 million just beat Spain in SemiFinals by 20

Originally Posted by LBJ 23
Despite all of the stats you posted, in most important games both Dragič and Dončič were more important and impactfull than Randolph and were carrying the team to the W. Anyone who watched the games will tell you that.

So if you have 2 players on your team who carry the team and are more important to get the win than you, you don't really ''dominate''. Also, I doubt you watched the games. I rest my case.

Did you say impact

In knockout games

Doncic + 51
Randolph + 50
Dragic + 45

NBA reject from the hood getting it done as a mercenary and he probably did not know Slovenia even existed until he got hired.

Slovenia dig him from obscurity and will erect a statue for him.

Anthony Randolphivic
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