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Default Re: Aaron Hernandez had "advanced stages" of CTE

I am thinking this is one of those times to remind everyong that correlation does not imply causation.

It could be true that Hernandez had CTE from playing football from a young age that would have eventually led to him having serious and potentially life-threatening issues later in life. Maybe he is even one of the cases where its effect begin to surface at a young age ... and, still, without the football he would have been the most successful merging of professional athlete and serial killer ever, at least in the information age. Hernandez is a fascinating person/athlete and there are a lot of people familiar with his case that believe he killed at least one person when he was still at UF.

The guy was an absolute lunatic from the word "Go." And, football has become a bit of an easy punching bag as a serviceable excuse for pretty much any abhorrent bahavior, up to and including murder.

It is interesting if nothing else, though.
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