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Default Re: If NBA Trending To Become More Popular Than NFL?

This is never going to happen unless another MJ comes along or unless the NFL undergoes some MASSIVE scandal... those are the only chances...

The reasoning is simple... it's not that people really like football that much... it's because they only have to invest 1 day a week... lol...

Most Americans are all about convenience, not being weighed down, selfishness, living a casual life in general, making a quick buck, instant gratification... so any team sport that can allow people to invest at the smallest amount possible is going to be towards the top...

The NFL allows you to only have to watch your team once a week for only what? 16 cumulative days + playoffs? Lol. Add in the violence of people hitting each other and it's easy to see why... Football is for casuals, which most Americans are.

The two guys in the video have zero idea what they're talking about in terms of the reasons behind why things are the way they are... lol... completely and utterly embarrassing.

Just because NBA players are more individually well known than NFL players, it doesn't speak to the leagues as a whole... NBA players are the faces of franchises because literally one guy can change teams and change the entire makeup of the league and individual franchises... NFL players don't have that much impact outside of a few QBs because of the nature of the sport... NBA players have 5 guys on the court at one time, of course they're going to stand out more when the sport is driven by individuals whereas NFL is driven by teams...

Just because NBA players are wealthier, doesn't say anything about the NBA vs NFL popularity... there is less divvying up the pot in the NBA because the rosters are so much bigger in the NFL... NFL teams get 53 players... NBA teams get 15. In fact I'd be surprised if NFL teams don't have a significantly higher amount of people on the payroll in general, never mind the players themselves... these two guys, Jalen Rose and David Jacoby are absolute clowns on this subject.

NBA players are so much closer to the cameras, the rosters are smaller, and individual players have larger impacts on team success than any other sport because... IT'S THE NATURE OF THE SPORT. OF COURSE THE INDIVIDUALS of the NBA are going to be more popular! That speaks nothing on the leagues themselves!

The NFL is far more popular and as I said, it's not changing. The gap isn't closing.

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