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Default Re: If NBA Trending To Become More Popular Than NFL?

Originally Posted by ~primetime~
Less games does help the NFL but not because it's 'convenient' but because it makes every game extremely meaningful thus a must watch.

One single MLB/NBA game means not so much, you can miss a game and who cares.

If NBA was just 16 games? Each game would be epic would boost ratings I think.

Sports really does benefit from a 'less is more' concept...the more games there are, the less meaning those games have, the more watered down it is.

Yes, it increases the importance of each game for sure, but convenience plays a huge role. Only having to invest 2-3 hours a week to keep up, on the slowest day of the week in terms of life happenings, means they're more likely to be able to get in front of a TV set. That's convenience. If all NFL games suddenly switched to Tuesday nights at 7 to 10 pm start time they would take a MASSIVE hit in popularity. If rest and recovery weren't a thing and the NFL teams played 82 games a season before the playoffs, they would take a MASSIVE hit in popularity.

The reason the NFL is more popular is because the NFL is for casuals that don't want to invest because of the nature of the sport. It's that simple. I'm not completely disagreeing with you, I'm simply saying the convenient nature of it in terms of required time invested and the day of the week it falls on, which both boil down to convenience, makes convenience the primary driving factor for the disparity in the popularity of the two sports.

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