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Default Re: If NBA Trending To Become More Popular Than NFL?

I think so because the NBA has that superstar appeal. They have players that are extremely marketable and popular both domestically and internationally. These players are brands and when their brand becomes more marketable so does the NBA. Now you have the Euros that are coming in who are spreading the brand there. NBA is probably gonna create some freak Indian and Chinese superstar in a lab for dat sweet appeal. We saw what Linsanity did in a big market. Imagine if there a good (doesn't even have to be all star lvl) Indian player in the league and a Chinese Lebron?

NFL doesn't have the same superstar appeal. I also think what hurts the NFL are all the injuries the athletes get. Youth participation for football is at a low and they've been getting alot of bad press for the all the injuries.

One thing that I think hurts the NBA is the Golden State Warriors. We all know the Warriors are gonna repeat this year. That and how bad the Knicks been. Just give us the #1 overall pick so we can have a good team going forward.
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