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Default Re: If NBA Trending To Become More Popular Than NFL?

Originally Posted by bladefd
By the way, if we are discussing global marketability or player popularity, then nba is already more popular than nfl. Ask 10 people in China or India or New Zealand who Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers is - 99% of the people would have no idea. Now ask them who LeBron James or Kevin Durant is, they will probably know who that is instantly.

All/Anything ive ever learned from NFL/American "Foot"-ball and its players is mostly by way of ISH.... lol...

I tried so many times to watch some NFL games just out of curiousity trying to find WHAT Americans could possibly see thats so entertaining... at first i just didnt understand the rules/game, so i learned eventually... and... NOPE.... boring... just forcing myself to try like it somewhat and i just CANT.... it literally feels like watching Rugby with protection.... i just dont see the skills & beauty in it, except for the QB everybody else is just pure physical acts of randomness & luck or bad luck.... in Rugby at least you see some heavy damage/blood.... why not just stick with MMA/UFC while at it...

But hey i get it, you grow up in America... group pressure... friends... you want to be part of it...

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