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Default Re: Kareem Hunt or Ezekiel Elliot - who will have a better career?

Originally Posted by ballinhun8
He's definitely a HR hitter. He looks pretty pedestrian the past two weeks up until a 4th quarter run that makes his stats look nice.

Zeke gets to play behind a beast OLine so it's a wash as far as rookie impact goes between the two.

But you can't run on Denver. Did you see what Shady did today?
He didn't look pedestrian. KC is without 2 starting offensive linemen and the Chargers have a great D-line. They were hitting him at the LOS and he was still making something out of nothing... he already had over 100 yards before that run and had carried KC in the 2nd half yet again. He's an every down back who moves the chains AND hits home runs

It's not a wash, Hunt is flatout better
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