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Default Re: If NBA Trending To Become More Popular Than NFL?

Originally Posted by JerebkoTaylor
Are you mad? are you expecting 50 % of the worlds population to be fans of the NBA?

To put it in proportion, 1 billion people watched the world cup final 2014. And you expect 3-4 billion people to be FANS of the NBA in ten years time?

Believe me the NBA is happy with 15 % of that.

I did exaggerate the numbers a bit but 2 billion is within reach. Of course, it won't be 2 billion hardcore fans. 90% of them will be casual fans in places like China, India when they get the occasional games/playoffs games. .

Btw, the world population will hit 8.5 billion in 2025. 2 billion is not realistic???

More people than a billion watched the 2014 world cup tbh. A lot of developing countries people don't own a tv or service so they gather at friends and family with big screen tvs. This is why I said it is tough to truly check ratings globally. Nfl is American and we keep tight grasp of ratings here but nba is global and most countries out there do not or cannot keep track of ratings from game to game.
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