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Default Re: If NBA Trending To Become More Popular Than NFL?

Originally Posted by bladefd
I did exaggerate the numbers a bit but 2 billion is within reach. Of course, it won't be 2 billion hardcore fans. 90% of them will be casual fans in places like China, India when they get the occasional games/playoffs games. .

Btw, the world population will hit 8.5 billion in 2025. 2 billion is not realistic???

More people than a billion watched the 2014 world cup tbh. A lot of developing countries people don't own a tv or service so they gather at friends and family with big screen tvs. This is why I said it is tough to truly check ratings globally. Nfl is American and we keep tight grasp of ratings here but nba is global and most countries out there do not or cannot keep track of ratings from game to game.

2 billion is absolutely not even remotely realistic. Thats on the verge of asinine. The most watched finals game EVER in america is at about 35 million. Thats about 10 % of the american population with a lot of them probably not even caring about the game but watching maybe because it was MJs last game etc.

2016 had a peak of 31 million and that was a game 7 on a historic comeback.

Generelly though finals game average around 20 throughout a series.

anyway, if where the sport calls its home is peaking at 8-10%(some probably not even fans just watching for the sake of it) viewership in the most important games how are you gonna expect it to attract 25 % (based on 2 billion and a ww pop of 8.5) of the worlds population within a 10 year time frame. That would make it hands down the most followed league in the world. To put it in perspective, the PL has an estimateed following of 1 billion people. I pretty sure the NBA today doesnt even have a ww following of more than 200-300 million people and thats being very, very generous.

But ifyou are right, Adam Silver would be declared GOD within the marketing business.
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